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3D Print in Bronzed Steel Arrives

michael binkley sculptor stone sculpture 3d print bronze steel vancouver

My tiny abstract female torso sculpture that I designed in ZBrush has successfully been printed in bronzed steel. The sculpture arrived in the mail and was made at Shapeways in New York, NY, USA. I sent them my virtual file and using their 3D printer, they extruded the sculpture in steel and then applied a bronze patina onto the piece. The result is the above.

Shapeways can only do prints with a maximum dimension of 100 cm in any direction. My original file included a pin under the cube base, which I intended to use to secure the steel part to a stone base. But that would have meant the total sculpture would have to be even smaller, so I removed the pin for this print. As it turns out, I like the piece better without an added stone base.

This printed sculpture is a mere three inches high, but I am pleased with the results. There is a slightly grainy texture to the surface and the piece does appear to be cast in bronze. I’ve photographed her on our kitchen counter, as I thought the glass penny tile backsplash would be a fitting backdrop for the abstract sculpture.

My next step will be to find a company that can make larger prints for me and a friend has pointed me in that direction.

Let me know your thoughts on this new medium for me in the comments below.