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The Curator

Michelle Binkley is an Entrepreneur in spirit and always looks for ways to optimize and keep things efficient. One of her life achievements is wrangling Michael’s creative spirit….

Key Strengths

  • logistics for sculpture installations & delivery
  • budgeting and timelines
  • Patron liaising

Renaissance Woman

To say that Michelle is an integral part of Michael’s creative process is an understatement. In addition to organizing timelines and logistics for sculpture projects, a Michael Binkley sculpture usually has her input in some way. Michael relies on her to give an objective eye to his compositions – and her criticisms are usually correct.

Michelle has had a lifetime of entrepreneurial projects. A Renaissance woman by nature, she has a strong left and right brain and seems to have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. She is very creative in her ideas for new directions for the company. As well as being the marketing director for Binkley Studio Ltd., she is a freelance digital project manager, or digital producer, currently working under contract for a major EComm Outdoor Clothing Company. Michelle is able to succinctly formulate a detailed timeline for one of Michael’s large commissions one moment and turn around and create a stunning abstract simple lined composition in her sketchbook the next.

The Support Team aside, it is no secret that Michael relies on Michelle to be the kite to his anchor….