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Abstract Marble Sculpture, titled “Lift”

“Lift” is an abstract form carved from a variety of Carrara white marble from the Petacchi quarry in Italy. The stone has a white background, with a lovely taupe veining. The sides are highly polished and the top surface is smooth but matte.

The shape of the sculpture is triangular from above, resembling a boat, and the raised point of the form looks like the prow. The sloping sides dive under to a bottom that I have fashioned so that the sculpture will turn gently. This aspect of the sculpture surprises viewers, as the sculpture is large and heavy and the turning gives a sense of weight-defying lightness.

I first envisioned the top surface to be gently domed, but Michelle suggested a reverse curve at the “prow.” I acquiesced, and I think the result is wonderful. Just that little depression also adds to visually lightening the heaviness of the form, and gives movement to the sculpture, even when it is static.

I would like to execute this piece in a much larger scale. I think it would be very successful as a 6 foot tall form. At that scale, however, it will need a mechanism to aid in its turning.

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