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Abstract Sculpture Alteration in Sidney, Canada

michael binkley sculptor stone sculpture vancouver canada

I traveled to Sidney, on Vancouver Island to make an alteration to one of my granite abstract sculptures. A pair of my long-time collectors has moved to Sidney to a beautiful waterfront home and they wanted “Logical Drift” mounted onto a basalt column in their new garden (above right).

I carved “Logical Drift” in 2013 from a thin, rectangular piece of grey granite. My intention was to create an abstract torso, laying on its side. The V shape on the right was meant as clavicle bones, and the whole profile to have a slightly hourglass shape. However, the composition also resembles a fish and that is what attracted the collectors to the piece. Either way one looks at it, it seems to be very at home in the new garden.

I initially mounted the sculpture on a piece of pink granite for presentation purposes. But when I delivered the sculpture a few months ago, it was clear that the rectangular base fought the eye between the sculpture and the basalt pedestal. Therefore, I returned last week to remove the granite base, drill a mounting hole into the basalt column and re-install the sculpture directly onto the column.

This is an example of how not all sculpture bases are perfect for their final display location, just as not all painting frames in an exhibition are perfect for the final display wall of the collector. An artist must always be flexible to allow for these changes.

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