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Alone in Kyoto

  • created 2024
  • cipollino marble & granite
  • 33”H x 5”W x 8”D    (23cmH x 4.5cmW x 6cmD)
  • $1,250.00

Michael Binkley carved this female torso sculpture from a thin off-cut of cipollino marble from another project that he saved. The long, thin shape of the raw stone and the direction of the striations inspired Michael to create this composition.


The finish on the stone is a very smooth matte surface so the sculpture can successfully hold shadows and is a contrast to the highly polished surfaces of the black granite base. The base is permanently affixed to the white marble portion by a hidden stainless steel pin.


The sculpture is very tall, and one is enticed to follow the abstract curve from the sculpture’s bottom, up to the figure appearing at the top. All the edges and surfaces are softly undulating, giving movement to the static rock.