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Dream of the Seahorse

  • created 2020
  • red travertine & marble
  • 22”H x 12”W x 4”D    (56cmH x 30cmW x 10cmD)
  • $1,250.00

Normally, I know what the sculpture composition will look like in my head before I begin work. There may be a slight variation as I work, due to surprises of stone pattern, structural weaknesses, etc., but I generally know what my destination is.

Not so with this sculpture. The raw piece of travertine was fairly thin, so I did not have a lot of depth to work with. I wanted to create an abstract composition with serpentine lines and I started with the bottom section, developing an  idea as I worked. Once the spiral shape was defined, I wanted to create opposing curves in the upper section. And so it unfolded slowly. I decided to mount the sculpture on an angle on the elliptical marble base to add a bit of visual tension.

Once done, the image of a seahorse kept naggling my brain, so that’s where the title comes from.