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Dreams of a Journey

  • created 2020
  • carrara bianco marble & granite
  • 26”H x 16”W x 16”D (66cmH x 41cmW x 41cmD)
  • $7,500.00

Sometimes, inspiration for me comes from several different directions. While perusing the storage yard for available marble at the Seravezza, Italy studio I rented space for work in Sept. and Oct. 2018, I noticed an off-cut that had a shelf-like cut into its top. “What if I turned it upside down to make a figure that appeared to be sitting?” I wondered. I coupled this idea with one of my vector finger sketches I was producing on my iPhone – a seated female with left her arm on her head.


I adjusted her right hand to cup her breast so to expose her buttocks, which are dynamically shifted as her left leg is tucked under her right. I’ve stylized all her features, but there is enough line to describe the form of a seated female nude.


Michelle and I spent a year traveling and working in Europe from 2018-19, wherein I rediscovered my muse. Being one of several sculptures that I began work on in Italy and finished in my studio in Canada, this sculpture is recalling our journey…