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Long Shadows

  • created 2024
  • bardiglio marble
  • 14.5”H x 6”W x 4”D    (37cmH x 15cmW x 10cmD)
  • $995.00

I’ve carved this stylized female nude torso in a contrapposto pose, with the shoulders dramatically thrust back. This creates a wonderful compositional curve from the back of the neck, through to the bottom of the sculpture. I’ve softened the anatomical details, so the breasts, loins and buttocks are reduced to graceful curves and hollows. I’ve kept the mass of stone from the knees, down, so the figure appears to be wearing a tight fitting mermaid cut evening gown. The detail of the right calf is discernible, yet the remaining forms create the illusion of a swishing dress hemline.


The torso is carved from a variety of Carrara marble, called bardiglio which has a soft grey background with a faint cloud-like patterning of white and sometimes a bolt of black. One such black striation is evident in this piece and runs diagonally across the figure’s thighs. This is NOT a fault in the stone!


I’ve given the sculpture a silky smooth matte finish that is wonderful to the touch and allows the marble to hold and cast shadows successfully.