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Psyche’s Reverie

  • created 2024
  • cipollino marble & granite
  • 30” H x 5.5” W x 11” D (76cm H x 14cm W x 28cm D)
  • $1,950.00

This sculpture was inspired by the shape of the marble off-cut that I saved from another project. It was a long, thin shard, so the resulting sculpture is tall and thin.


When I was carving Alone in Kyoto, I was working on the shoulders of that piece and wondered what a similar sculpture would look like with wings extending. I decided to explore that with this sculpture. But I did not want to carve classic angel bird wings, so I chose butterfly wings instead. In art history, an image of a female nude with butterfly wings is recognized as representing Psyche, the Greek goddess of the Soul. As this figure’s head is bowed forward, I’ve titled the piece “Psyche’s Reverie”.


The female torso at the top of the sculpture transitions into a long, curved abstract form below the knees. The resulting profile of the composition is an undulating serpentine line that begins with the figure’s down-turned head back to the shoulders whereupon the torso is thrust forward to the hips and thighs, and returns backwards at the knees to finally sweep forward again towards the base. Viewed from the front, the sculpture is quite symmetrical.