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African Lion Commission

african lion michael binkley sculptor in stone

I was commissioned to create a lion sculpture for a collector so he could present it as a gift to his wife.

The two had recently returned from an African safari trip, and since he had commissioned a polar bear from me after their Canadian tundra trip, a lion seemed appropriate for this occasion.

After collaborating on a pose based on one of his photos, I suggested using Indiana limestone as the medium. The colour of this stone seemed to best fit the subject and its matte finish allows for shadows to be held nicely. This means the details of the sculpture can be easily discernible.

I carved the subject laying down with its tail wrapped around its hind legs and front legs spread and relaxed with one paw slightly tipped over. I described his bushy mane as flowing curves and hollows around his head and shoulders.

When I unveiled it for them both, they reacted with smiles – a good sign of a successful sculpture.

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