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Another Binkley Bird ArtBombed

michael binkley sculptor in stone sculpture marble fine art wildlife bird vancouver

I have another of my abstract bird sculptures on the auction block at ArtBomb tomorrow, photo above and more at the ArtBomb site.

This one is carved from a variety of white marble, called venato fantastico that is quarried in the mountains above the famous town of Carrara, Italy. Carrara produces the finest sculpture marble in the world, this being one of them. Venato fantastico is a cream coloured marble and has striations of light grey, as evidenced here in this bird sculpture. The form is round and contained, with just the suggestion of wings, tail and head. I’ve polished the surfaces to a high gloss that reflects light and accentuates the marble colour. I’ve balanced the piece so it will turn on a flat surface when one pushes the tail.

Opening bid is the fair market value of $250.00 CDN. Will it be yours by tomorrow night?!