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Art in the Garden 2013 a Success

Michelle and I are pleased to report that our exhibition of sculpture at the Art in the Garden tour 2013 was very successful.

I spent all day on Friday hauling the sculptures from our gallery and sculpture garden to the wonderful garden designed by Rudi Pinkowski at his son’s West Vancouver waterfront mansion. The biggest piece I took was “Adrift in Veiled Gesture”. In consultation with Rudi, I was able to curate the show so that each sculpture was tastefully exhibited, yet did not harm any of the plantings.

Over the weekend, the weather did not co-operate as well as we had hoped. It poured with rain right up to the opening on Saturday morning, but soon stopped only to shower again for a short period around mid-afternoon. But over 250 people braved the cool weather to come and see us that day. Sunday saw a slight improvement in that angry clouds threatened to precipitate, but thankfully only managed to block the sun for most of the day. The sun got over its shyness a few times during the afternoon and over 350 people visited on Sunday.

Most visitors were new faces, so our intent to get more exposure was realized. As the Pinkowki garden is a prestigious one, we knew many visitors who come to it are people who normally would not venture to our gallery and sculpture garden in North Vancouver.

We thank the North Vancouver Community Arts Council staff and volunteers whose dedication makes this annual cultural event such a success.

The new sculptures are posted on my website, so take a look.

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