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Binkley Female Torso Sculpture on ArtBomb Today…


I have another sculpture up for auction an ArtBomb today. This time ArtBomb has chosen a sculpture titled “Slipped Necklace,” pictured above.

“Slipped Necklace” is a female torso reclining on her right hip. I carved it so that it is balanced on a single point and the sculpture will turn on a flat surface when gently pushed. I have carved it from a variety of marble called Bardiglio that is quarried in the mountains above the famous town of Carrara, Italy. I’ve polished the surfaces of the sculpture to a high sheen.

I was inspired to carve the composition from the shape of the block, which was an off-cut from a larger sculpture, “Adrift in Veiled Gesture.” The piece was long and slender, with a concavity where I wanted breasts, so one has to imagine that part of the female’s anatomy. I created a lovely line that runs from the nape of her neck out over her right shoulder, down her ribcage around her right hip, across to her left hip and up her left side. This line is echoed in the profile of her thighs and knees.  This is a 360º view of the sculpture.

Until my 2008 visit to Pietrasanta, Italy to work, I was of the mind that Carrara only produced white marble. I learned that this lovely grey marble, Bardiglio is also quarried there. This stone has many different looks, depending upon the finished treatment.  With a fine file finish, the stone appears light grey and when it is polished to a high sheen as with “Slipped Necklace,” it has a soft dove-grey colour.

There is a single fine black striation that runs across the figure’s shoulders. It looks like a necklace that has slipped off, and this line is what gives the sculpture its title.

It is 6″H x 12″L x 5″D (there is a black granite base included) and the opening bid on ArtBomb is $750.00. Will this sculpture be yours by end of day?