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Binkley Bird Bombed!

michael binkley sculptor sculpture vancouver canada fine art bird wildlife art

I have another sculpture up for auction on the website, Today, it is a small abstract bird sculpture carved from a colourful piece of honey onyx that is quarried in the state of Utah, USA. It is not meant to be of any particular species, just a lovely composition of flowing lines and surfaces that are pleasant to look at and wonderful to hold in your hand.

Honey onyx gets its name from the yellow/orange background colour that is translucent. Sometimes, there is a striation of deeper colours and this particular piece has a band of deep browns, cinnamon and butterscotch colours that I orientated to become the breast of the bird. I polished the surface to a high gloss and like all my bird sculptures, it is balanced to turn when you push its tail.

Will you have the winning bid?