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Binkley Commissioned to Create Bald Eagle Sculpture

michael binkley sculptor in stone bald eagle sculpture commission vancouver canada

I was commissioned to create a special sculpture that was to be a presentation gift. Patrons Jim and Barbara approached me to create a sculpture that was to be a gift from Jim’s late mother, Isabelle to their son-in-law, Ashit. This was to be a token of thanks to Ashit for successfully managing Isabelle’s financial affairs while she was alive.

Initially, the subject of a bull or an eagle was tossed around. As Ashit works within the realm of the stock markets, he has several gifts of bulls in his collection. So it was decided that a soaring bald eagle be the subject for this gift.

After settling on a budget, I suggested a type of granite that is a brown/burgundy colour. I proposed to create the eagle from this, polish it to a satin sheen and agitate the area of the bird’s head and tail to emulate the white feathers that make the bald eagle so unique. I would carve it with wings outstretched and mount it on a tall glass base to give the illusion of the eagle flying.

Jim and Barb loved the concept, and the result is pictured above. I carved the eagle as if it were banking in a turn in mid wing downbeat so the shape of the wings from wingtip to wingtip formed an undulating line. The bird looks to the left and slightly down. By agitating the polished areas with a fine diamond burr, the granite appears to have a white head and tail, while the rest is dark brown, emulating a real bald eagle.

My patrons were thrilled with the results and cannot wait to present it.

What do you think of this piece?

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