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Binkley Completes “The Edge of Autumn”

Canadian artist Michael Binkley original abstract carrara marble sculpture vancouver canada

I am often asked where I get my inspiration for art works. I always maintain that inspiration can come from almost anywhere, as it is a rare moment when an artist’s radar is turned off. I have completed an abstract titled “The Edge of Autumn,” and it was inspired by the photograph at top left that I found on Pinterest a long while ago.

The decaying deciduous leaf looked to me like a twisting female torso, but was almost hidden in the spine and veins. I could see the figure’s spine, hip, shoulder and a breast. It took a while to align my idea with the appropriate stone, but last year it clicked and I finally finished the sculpture in June 2016.

I chose the photo of the sculpture that best echoed the leaf photo for you to compare. “The Edge of Autumn” is an abstract, but as with the photo that inspired it, one can just see the elements of a female torso hidden in the composition. From this angle, one can see a scapula, hips, generous thighs and the hint of buttocks as the figure bends to the right.

Let me know what you think about it in the comments section below.