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Binkley Continues His ZBrush Learning Curve

michael binkley sculptor in stone sculpture vancouver zbrush

I am continuing my ZBrush tutorials and am slowly getting more confident with the 3D modelling program. As I said earlier, the learning curve is steep and without a human instructor, I am finding it very difficult to get answers to obstacles I encounter.

Sometimes I can get through by trial and error, other times I have to search back over the Pixologic video tutorials and sometimes I have to search the Internet for help. Like learning anything new that involves eye/brain/hand co-ordination, I am slowly getting comfortable using the keystrokes and on-screen buttons and toggles. It is markedly different from the more physical use of hammer, chisel, and grinder on stone.

Above are two doodles. The left concentrates on geometric shapes based on cubes. Once I get the hang of linear boxes, I’ll move onto triangles, spheres and cylinders. On the right is one of my classic abstract bird forms that was free sculpted and painted to look like alabaster.

What I find so amazing is the power of this program. I have enjoyed Computer Generated Images as a spectator, but now it is super fun being able to be on the creation side of the equation! I can’t wait to get a file to the point where I can get a 3D printer to print one of my virtual sculptures.

Let me know what you think of my progress in the comment section below.