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Binkley Diversifying His Artistic Talents with ZBrush


I am going back to school! In an effort to add new dimensions to my skill set, I am learning to design and sculpt in virtual space by learning ZBrush through Pixologic’s online tutorials.

There are many 3D design programs on the market, but I have chosen to learn ZBrush. I was first introduced to the software several years ago through an acquaintance. He had purchased a CNC machine and the software and wanted to start a service using both. It was back in the early days of the technology and his idea stuttered. Then while in Changsha, China in 2014, I was reintroduced to ZBrush through the Brazilian representative, my new friend, Cicero D’Avila. I played with ZBrush on his computer and thought this was the 3D software I would learn when back in Canada.

So here I am, learning this new technology.


It is early days, and I am just beginning to learn this amazing software. I see several advantages to this technology. I can use ZBrush to create models for larger works. I can 3D print scale maquettes and I can send the model and the 3D virtual file to carving studios that employ a CNC machine. The robot can do 80% of the work, leaving me to do the final details, as I did with “Look to the Horizon” in Changsha, China. I can use ZBrush to create moulds for bronze sculptures, eliminating the need for plasticine models. I can use ZBrush to experiment with sculpture idea designs without wasting stone material. And I can farm out my talents (when honed!) to work in other industries that need 3D design or sculpture work.

So far, I’m having a blast!