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Michael Binkley at Harmony Arts Festival 2016

I have been invited by the Harmony Arts Festival to do two interactive stone polishing demonstrations at the “Dialogue” stones in John Lawson Park in West Vancouver, BC, Canada. I did one on Wednesday afternoon and will be there again Saturday afternoon,  August 6, 2016.

The “Dialogue” stones consist of five rough marble quarry blocks of Italian marble that surround one complete and one partially carved marble sculpture by the late noted artist Joan Matthews Gambioli. The seven stones were left in her studio for years until her daughter, West Vancouver Councillor, Nora Gambioli donated them to the community. They now are arranged beside the seawalk and are meant to create a dialogue among passersby generated by the marble stones proximity to the native granite boulders that make up the adjoining beach – Italian stone juxtaposed against native stone.

My task is to polish a small section, or window on each of the rough marble blocks so that the public can enjoy and appreciate their inner beauty. The short video (above) shows me working on the project last Wednesday. Special thanks to Michelle Binkley for the footage and photos!

Michelle, Harmony Arts and I invite you to come and see us on Saturday afternoon and participate in helping with the polishing process.