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Binkley Sculpture accepted to CM Russell Museum Fundraiser

binkley horse sculpture cm russell museum

I entered “White Horse Wave” to the C.M. Russell Museum’s  annual fundraising auction, called “The Russell” . It was accepted and this was a very important event in my career. Charlie Russell (1864-1926) is an important figure in American Art History and the Museum’s annual fundraiser in White Falls, Montana has historically been well subscribed to by avid art collectors.

“The Russell” is an annual auction of artwork held at the Museum in March and the resulting sale of each piece is split between the artist and the Museum. Artists from across North America are invited to enter up to two pieces of art and a jury decides which artworks will be accepted for the event. However, as it is an auction, there are no guarantees that each piece will sell.

Always looking for a new audience for my sculpture, we thought that if my horse was accepted, this event would put me in front of a whole new set of eyes as a lot of heavy hitter Western Art collectors attend “The Russell” each year.

Michelle and I had hoped that if my sculpture was accepted, that we would drive down with it on the weekend of the event. Our brother-in-law, Gaile Gallup is a Western painter and he entered a piece. We thought the occasion would be a great combination of art and a get-together with our relatives. If the sculpture did not sell, then we would drive it back with us and we would save a bit on packing and shipping.

Unfortunately, Gaile’s painting was not accepted, and the Museum required that all accepted artworks be in their possession by Dec. 22, 2011. They have planned a series of events to hype “The Russell” and understandably want all the auction pieces to show them off. That meant that we would have to pay for packing and shipping of the 120 pound sculpture. We also considered the continuing weak economy, making us leery that my sculpture would sell at all. We feel that despite the exposure to a new audience, it would not be financially prudent to participate in “The Russell”.

I will enter again for next year’s “The Russell,” with smaller scale sculptures. Hopefully, my sculpture will be accepted and the economic climate will be brighter.

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