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Binkley Successfully Completes Orca Commission

michael binkley sculptor in stone sculpture orca wildlife ocean vancouver

I have completed a commission for an orca whale sculpture for a new collector in Portland, OR, USA. The sculpture is 16″H x 16″W x 8″D, carved from Italian portoro macchia marble and mounted on a glass base.

Normally, a sculpture of this scale would take a few weeks to complete, however, I suffered bronchitis for 2 months and that pushed back the completion of this piece by months. Thankfully, the patron was patient with me and I have sent photographs of the finished sculpture to him and his wife and they have declared it a winner. Whew!

This patron found my website after having a very vivid, languid dream of swimming with whales. He cannot remember the specific type of whales he dreamt of swimming with, but as he lives on the west coast of North America, he searched on-line for art images of orcas. He found the images of another orca I had carved last year on my website, and was impressed enough to contact me.

He and his wife were in Vancouver last May on business and they made an appointment to visit me and discuss the possibility of me creating another similar orca for him. They were both confident enough to engage me and the above is the result. They will take delivery of the piece later this month.

If you have need of an original sculpture, please contact me at your convenience so that we may discuss your personal desires – I look forward to creating another wonderful artwork for you!

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