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Binkley Working Further with ZBrush

ZBrush Document

I am continuing my lessons with ZBrush, a virtual sculpting program that I am trying to learn. Above is a silly character that I created during one of my lessons.

The sculpting tools, nomenclature and interface are proving to be a steep learning curve, but I am soldering on. I am slowly getting the hang of virtual sculpting, moving the subject around and adding and subtracting mass. Like learning how to use any new tool, the mind and hands have to adjust to all the keystrokes and cursor directions. I’ve sculpted this figure, made separate eyes, painted the surfaces, added different surface textures and finally rendered the character in a simple space with light and shadow. I’m finding it fascinating and look forward to getting better with my skills.

I still have to get a handle on the geometrical side of the program – that is working with spheres, cubes, cylinders, etc., as I feel these skills will lend well to abstract forms. As a direct stone carver for many years, working with hand held tools, I have shied away from creating symmetrical geometric abstract forms. But with ZBrush, I’ll be able to successfully design these abstract concepts that I hope to bring to physical fruition.