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Chocolate Portrait Bust – Conclusion

binkley sculpture chocolate portrait bust

This is the conclusion to the post about my carving a portrait bust from a block of chocolate . This photo reveals the final sculpture after I had been carving the chocolate for two, six hour days of work.

The portrait was commissioned by the Douglas Reynolds Gallery  and they presented it to one of their key patrons as a combination Christmas/milestone birthday present. The Gallery asked ChocolaTas to create a portrait bust, and ChocolaTas in turn found me to do the carving.

I only had two front view photos of the subject’s face to work from; one submitted from the Gallery and the other that I found online. Unfortunately, there are not a heck of a lot of photos of the subject out there! And since I’ve never met him, and Douglas Reynolds Gallery wanted this to be a surprise, I was hamstrung to get information on the profile view of the subject’s face. So the result is the best I could do, given the time and reference constraints.

He is a prominent Vancouver businessman, and a patron of the arts. He has a marble sculpture of mine of a tussling Bull & Bear that a now-retired company Vice President gave to him as a Christmas gift 20 years ago. Now he has the only Binkley chocolate sculpture in existence!