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Creative Mistakes = Art

Someone posted this quote on Facebook (apologies to the author – but I didn’t see a credit), and I wanted to share it. This month for some reason we are talking about creative process in some of the posts, and it has been a topic of conversation around the studio and house lately. I suppose since Michael has been creating artwork for many decades, we are revisiting this most important part of the Artist’s life.

Creative process is different for everyone and so many things come into play for an individual’s creative force; length of career, life experience, technical ability, motivation and the list goes on and on…

One thing Michael and I know first hand is that the creative process that steers him has had a common foundation for over 30 years, but there is a shift that occurs from time to time. This shift is best described as him riding a wave of combined influences to include his sculpture sales, time of year, what ‘rocks’ are hanging around the yard and where his head is at. Sometimes this wave is on the up and up, other times he rides the wave and then there is the descent – it’s a ride for sure.

We have heard one piece of advice on and off throughout the years and we know it to be true, and I’d like to paraphrase it here.

Whatever you are creating,  you need to be in your studio EVERY day producing something – ANYTHING. Even if what you are creating is ugly or merely a mistake, it is necessary to keep the momentum and just PRODUCE.