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Designing Michael Binkley’s NEW Website

These hands belong to one Michael Binkley and he is fast at work here – not carving a beautiful sculpture, but working away in the office prepping photos and everything else for his new website. As part of my last semester’s projects, I chose to redesign his website from seven years ago. Our focus is on keeping the site a visual one with less text and making the navigation of the site easier for the users.

The deadline is next week, and after the initial launch, we will most likely add or enhance more areas of the new website in the coming weeks. After 30 years of sculpting and thousands of sculptures, our biggest task through all this is the auditing and editing of photographs. We have so many photos from the pre-digital age and we are now great friends with our scanner.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress and let you know when the new site is live!

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