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Haiku #4

  • created 2020
  • digital print on rag paper
  • 8.5″H x 11″W (22cmH x 28cmW)
  • $125.00 unframed

This is a limited edition (10) digital black & white print of a crouching female nude, executed in 17 vector lines. It is part of a series called Haiku, after the style of Japanese poetry.

Haiku translated to English means “cutting”, and refers to two juxtaposing ideas or images. Haiku has 17 “on”, or syllables, and is traditionally written in English on three lines. Using this theme, I have drawn images of female nudes, juxtaposing the colours black and white and using only 17 vector lines.

I am experimenting with the economy of line and how to express an artistic idea that will engage the viewer. Deciding on which lines to include and which to exclude was a challenge. This simple drawing describes a prone female nude crouching with her head covered with her arms , but leaves enough to the viewer’s imagination to complete the artwork in their head. I’ve drawn this image with my finger on my iPhone, using a vector drawing app that allows me to control the weight of each line by varying the pressure of my fingertip on the screen.

Interior designers will appreciate this artwork for their client’s project. I challenge you to count the 17 graceful vector lines to discover how their number reflects the number of syllables in Japanese haiku poetry.

The artwork is printed on textured rag paper and shipped to you unframed or framed, depending on your preference. I will include a personalized salutation on my letterhead with each piece.