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Dogs and Sculptures Share Public Park in St. Louis

I came across this story about a vacant city lot in the university area of St. Louis that was being populated by local dog owners. They would congregate throughout the week and meet up with friends – new and old, and a certain neighbourhood feel was established. It was a large, empty and fenced-in city lot that was being utilized for a group of community members who had a need.

Then the city decided to turn the land into a sculpture park. There was concern that the dogs and their owners would be banished form the site. But a smart and creative group of city officials thought otherwise. They installed doggy poop bags and had the sculptures coated with weather-resistant paint so that the artworks could maintain their original finish, and not be effected by urine. Now both dog owners and art appreciators enjoy the park together.

Just a small mention of innovative thinking to bring together two things I love: dogs and sculpture. If you want to read the full article, click here.

Photo above is reprinted with permission of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, copyright (November, 2011)