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Female Nude Under Drapery Sculpture

Michael Binkley has sculpted a female nude under a full length veil. Titled “Adrift in Veiled Gesture,” this is another in Binkley’s exploration into marble sculpture that has the illusion of a naked figure covered by thin fabric, like linen.

Carved from bardiglio marble from Carrara, Italy, this four foot tall figurative sculpture is both erotic and ghostly at the same time. Binkley has sculpted the head, arms, hips and legs of the female nude in profile as she stands in classic contrapposto with her weight on her right leg. He has revealed the details of her right breast and nipple, her vulva, buttocks and navel as an illusion of emerging from under the fabric that covers her.

The fine file finish of the art work makes it appear to be covered by linen, both to the eye and to the touch.

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