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Female Nude Finds Home in Italy


I got an email from a new prospective collector last month, asking after my Female Torso sculpture. Nicola made an appointment to visit the gallery during his stay in Vancouver for a tech conference. He is the owner of Securcube, a digital forensics company which he has developed, based in Asolo, Italy.

He just left the gallery, with the sculpture in hand. Nicola wanted to celebrate the arrival of his first daughter, whom he and his wife, Maska will welcome in late September. I am honoured that they chose one of my sculptures for the occasion. Nicola was with a friend in Asolo who is studying Antonio Canova and a photo of my Landscape in Five came up on the screen. Nicola was impressed and followed the link to my site. He loved the above sculpture and felt it depicted Maska on her journey to become a mother.

That Nicola had a conference in Vancouver was fortuitous and a sign that his having the sculpture was meant to be. I love how the Universe works sometimes….

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