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Dancing Torso

  • created 2024
  • sunlight marble & granite
  • 13” H x 6” W x 5” D (33cm H x 15cm W x 13cm D)
  • $795.00

I used to carve this variety of marble often back in the ’80s and ’90s, as large dimensional pieces of this stone were readily available to me in Vancouver, but by ’05, it was hard to come by. But I’ve repurposed an old floor vase that has come back to me and I’m cutting it up to make smaller sculptures and this is the first from it.


This is another in a long series of torsos that celebrate the female form, yet appear to be clothed in a tight evening gown. I am able to carve all the lovely attributes of feminine beauty, and have fun creating an endless variety of flowing skirt hemlines. With this piece, the figure appears to be turning to her right, leading with her turned head. Her breasts, buttocks and left hip and thigh are visible, yet her lower legs disappear into the abstract forms that appear as drapery.


She is free of the stainless steel mounting pin, so she can turn to any viewing attitude and can be removed from the base.