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First Anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Today marks the one year anniversary of the opening of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. This video was aired on NBC, just prior to the American coverage of the Games. It has been dubbed “Tom Brokaw explains Canada to Americans”, and most of us Canadians found this to be quite flattering.

I must admit that during the years of lead up to the Games, I was against Vancouver hosting the Winter Olympics. The warm weather and lack of snow in the early part of 2010 made me think Mother Nature agreed.

Then on the morning of the February 10, 2010, the Olympic Torch came through our neighbourhood in North Vancouver, and my attitude began to shift. That evening, Michelle and I attended the second to last dress rehearsal of the Opening Ceremonies, courtesy of a dear friend. The event excluded the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron, as that was touted as being “top secret”. All us spectators were sworn to secrecy, but I was completely converted and hooked with excitement.

From the Opening Ceremonies to Team Canada’s winning goal in the Men’s Hockey Final, I was overcome with patriotism and enjoyed as much of the Games as I could. From VANOC, to the volunteers, to the citizens of the city, Vancouver deserves to be proud of a putting on a world class event.

What does this have to do with design or sculpture? Nothing. I’m just proud to be Canadian.

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