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Garden Fountain Commission

garden fountain west vancouver

After delivering the finished trough to the collector’s garden, the next step was to cut the round top off a large granite boulder in order to prepare it to receive the trough. On the left, I’m checking to see if I’ve cut the surface so that it is level. This will ensure that when the water runs off the end of the trough, it will make an even sheet waterfall.

I then drilled two matching holes in the granite boulder to mate with those on the trough bottom.

Then with the assistance of the collectors, we hoisted the 400 pound granite trough up onto the boulder and inserted the pins. Of course, nothing goes as planned, so we struggled for several more hours until we were able to get the waterfall cascading correctly.

A few weeks later, they invited us back to see the completed fountain. The photo on the right shows the fountain, surrounded by plantings and the water cascades onto small rocks which hide the reservoir pond. They installed LED lighting for drama after dark. When one looks at it, one wonders where the water goes.

My collectors are very pleased with their new acquisition.


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