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  • created 2020
  • sodalite
  • 6.5”H x 12”W x 6.5”D    (16cmH x 30cmW x 16cmD)
  • $3,450.00

I have carved this stylized duck sculpture from a gem-like stone called sodalite. This variety was quarried at Bancroft, Ontario, Canada and is a cousin to lapis lazuli.


Sodalite is an ultramarine blue colour, the result of aluminum chloride permeating the grey and black host stone, nepheline. As I worked this particular piece, I concentrated on getting the blue colour to describe the bird’s wings and left the body and tail grey and black. A bonus surprise was the rose banding that appeared on the tail and the tiny blue streaks in the breast. The black eye band gives the duck’s head crest added interest.


I polished the sculpture to a glass-like, glossy surface, so the myriad of colours are best exhibited. I also balanced the sculpture on a single point, so it will rotate on a flat surface when one pushes the tail.