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Happy Mother’s Day to Anne & Sylvia

This really has nothing obvious to do with sculpture or art on the surface, but if you dig deep enough you realize that our forward movement in life started with these two fabulous women – our Moms. Today we honour our Mothers and give thanks to the many years they have given us both support and encouragement and put us in our place when we get too cocky – yes, I’m embarrassed to admit that it still happens.

Sylvia was one of Michael’s early supporters of her son’s Artistic quest in life, pushing him to keep creating and learning. They attended an art history course together in the ’80s to Italy with a group of students from a local College. It was here that Michael received his initial calling into the world of stone sculpture when he saw Michelangelo’s unfinished slave sculptures in Florence.

My Mom has always let me do my own thing and only makes a comment or suggestion when asked – she has never interfered with my choices of friends, work or school. But when I ask her opinion she gives it. I suppose that’s where my entrepreneurial spirit was given the freedom to attain my confidence and innovative thinking.

Michael and I are both blessed with the Mothers we have and our Mothers-in law – we lucked out this lifetime. So Happy Mother’s Day you two – and to all the other Mothers out there.