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How to Interpret Sculptural Artforms – Part Two

In a previous post from the other day, I introduced the idea of ways in which we can interpret sculptures and other, three dimensional artforms.  I quoted Artist and Educator,  Mark Creegan’s list of questions to contemplate while viewing a sculptural artwork – he had several “descriptive” (what it is) questions.

Creegan goes on to further explore a second set of questions called “connotative” (what it means). Here they are;

    • All the descriptive or formal considerations contribute to a work’s meaning (esp. material, context, form)
    • What associations can be made? (what does it remind you of?) If none, then it is self-referential, the form or material is the content. Some associations are unintended by the maker.
    • Is an element “foregrounded”? Does it stick out? (ex. a color, a texture, a material)
    • Who made it? When? Where? Why?
    • What is the title?
    • Meaning is fluid and transitory!

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