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How Will You Build Your 2012 Web?

There’s been a fascination of spiderwebs throughout my life – not an obsession, but a real, keen interest. I saw a very intricate one the other day and I offered a thought to the spider as I passed by “How will you build your web in the coming year?” How very arrogant of me to inquire into the spider’s motivations and muse, when I, myself have not the slightest idea on how I’m going to build my 2012 web. Not being one for making “New Year’s resolutions”, I still felt the need to honour my arachnid friend and think about my own web. So the self reflection began.

My web will be strong and sturdy to face the challenges of this coming year, be flexible to endure windy and stormy days, yet be positioned to face the sun and absorb all that glorious light and warmth. When necessary, my web will fall and get torn so that I may rebuild it in a different shape or style to fit that particular day.

There will be extra silk in storage so I never run out of reserves to rebuild. If a passerby stops for a chat I will welcome the exchange and the web will have plenty of room for other spiders to stop by and share. My web will provide a safe haven and I will trust in that notion so not to become too stressed thinking about the next day.

So how will you build your 2012 web?
(PS – Happy New Year!)

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