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Howard Schatz Photograph Inspires Female Nude Sculpture

abstract female nude marble sculpture

I have long been inspired by photographers of the nude, and one in particular is Howard Schatz. He produced a collection of photos called “Body Knots” and this is where I took inspiration for this sculpture, “Bodyknot – Shamrock”.

This sculpture is carved from a variety of Carrara white marble from the Administrazione quarry. This variety of fine Italian marble is practically clear of coloured striations and has a slightly ivory hue. This is another piece from my 2008 Italian Collection. I began work on this sculpture while I worked at Studio SEM in Pietrasanta, Italy for the month of September 2008 and I finished the piece back in Vancouver.

Schatz had photographed three female figures from above as they each bent over touching their toes. Each had their buttocks pressed together and the composition looked like a human molar tooth. In my sculpture, I reversed the figures, so as they bend over, they appear to morph their upper bodies together. Their legs meld into a solid bottom, but I’ve created a few abstract curves to add movement. When viewed from above, the female’s buttocks reveal the petals of a shamrock and their spines form the midrib vein of each petal.

Can you tell what one of my favourite parts of the female anatomy is?