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Humorous Sculpture to Make You Laugh

When it comes to sculpture some people conjure up images of traditional nudes or earlier contrapposto compositions that show the human form in all its glory. Michael’s favourite subject matter is the nude and every once in awhile he carves a robust figure in an interesting pose or situation to portray whimsey and humour. This piece shows a handsome man playing frisbee with a sense of determination and resolve – his body shape or size will not deter him from making the catch.

But why create art to make you laugh – aren’t sculptures supposed to be serious and evoke great emotion within its viewer? We beg to differ.

Michael tries to create pieces that are pure whimsy with a design to make the viewer grin, laugh or giggle. Humour is an important part of who we are as human beings, and it is productive to always stay in touch with that emotion. Next time you see a piece of art that makes you laugh, take a moment and really enjoy it!

This article also had some interesting points about art meant to amuse and not necessarily evoke much serious thinking.

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