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Inspection of Pre-work on Granite Sculpture

Binkley changsha symposium granite sculpture

This morning , we participants visited the field where will will be working on our sculptures for the 2014 Changsha International Arts Sculpture Festival. This was our first visit to the work site since arriving here in China.

I have been apprehensive about how much preparatory work would be done on my sculpture. The organizers had promised us each that at least 70% of our work would be done upon our arrival. Imagine my surprise when I saw my sculpture.

Although it is on its side, the 8 foot tall granite is exactly as I had sent as my 1/4 scale maquette. Exactly. I sent it to Changsha at the beginning of August as 80% complete. See previous post below.

So for the first time in my career, I will begin work on a sculpture that is 80% complete! The major bull work of roughing out has been done by my hosts already.

Unfortunately, not all participants are in the same boat. Many will be beginning their pieces from scratch as solid quarry blocks. And others will have to wait a few more days for their material to even arrive.

I am willing and able to help them out, if they wish.

Since this is a multi-media symposium, the bronze and steel sculptors are working at the studio of our  principle host, sculptor Lei Yixin.