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Is Social Networking Effective?

Michael Binkley with guest in GalleryHere is an example of how it is.

I posted a blog on the Seymour Art Gallery’s annual “Start with Art” exhibition a few weeks ago, and I posted a link to it on my Facebook page.

A woman whom I graduated from high school with, Kelli is one of my Friends. She has a young family of her own and now lives in Langley, BC. Her son is quite talented artistically and she and her husband are encouraging that talent – something that pleases me, as I remember my own family’s encouragement of me. Kelli saw my post and that inspired her to bring her son, Tristen to the exhibition.

At the show, the two admired the works on display, but Tristen kept gravitating to my bird sculpture. Kelli reminded Tristen of  her and my connection. Whether that was a deciding factor is unknown, but he just had to own that sculpture.

Last Sunday was the close of the exhibition, and the sold art works were released from the Gallery. Kelli, Tristen and their family picked up the sculpture from the Seymour Art Gallery, then managed to have time to also come to my gallery for a visit. They had wanted to come for a while, but distance just kept getting in the way, so this was a opportune moment. That’s me and Tristen above.

They got a chance to see my current collection of sculptures, tour my dusty studio and share stories of working with stone (Kelli’s husband has done their fireplace facing). I also got a chance to see photos of Tristen’s art. He has accomplished both painting, sculpture and multi-media pieces and certainly has a creative eye and a budding talent. I hope he continues with it.

So, a Facebook post led to one family connecting with fine art, and an example of effective social networking.

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