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Large Binkley Stone Sculpture, Titled “Awakening”

Michael Binkley stone sculpture awakening

In 2006, I got a commission to create a six foot tall sculpture from Indiana limestone. I purchased a bigger block of limestone than I needed, simply because it was available and would speed up my production time. The commission was “Kelp & Oyster Shell” and was a public art sculpture for the Sea Lion Pointe Lodge, BC, Canada. I split a narrow piece off the block and set that aside for a later date.

In 2008, I started doodling ideas for this tall, narrow block of limestone. Based on its six foot tall narrow shape, I envisioned a female figure, draped backwards over the top of the block, leaving a good portion of the original block un-carved.

As I was working on the figure’s legs, I began undercutting more and more. Eventually, I released her legs completely from the block and carved almost all her buttocks. The curve that her legs form is reflected in the curve of the stone that I cut away from behind her legs. On this revealed surface, I made a textured chisel pattern that helps to lead the viewer’s eye upwards.The eye is led up the figure from her feet to her face and then follows down to her cascading hair. Her left arm languidly drapes and her right hand brushes through her hair. What began as an idea of a figure lying on top of a stone pillar changed into a figure that appeared to be floating.

When I installed it in the gallery for the 2008 Studio Show, the first title was “Water Siren”, as I thought she looked like she was floating in liquid. But at the opening of the exhibition, one patron said she thought the figure looked like she was emerging from the stone – she used the term “awakening” from the block – and that she was floating in air.

I loved the concept enough to change the title to “Awakening”.

To see more photos of the finished piece, click here

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