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Marble Sculptures of Frisbee Players

A collector came to the gallery and wanted my humourous sculpture, “I’ve Got it!” He is one who appreciates a good laugh, and this sculpture was to go in the living room of his summer house. However, he wanted another piece to go with it.

I was immediately engaged, as when I had created the sculpture, I thought it would be fun to create a companion piece. I described to him my idea of carving another figure that was in a pose of throwing the frisbee. I thought it would be interesting to show the sculptures across a room from each other. That way, viewers would encounter one sculpture and pause to enjoy it, and later discover the second and suddenly make the connection between the two. I described the scenario as one for a show in the gallery, amongst several other, unrelated sculptures, but my patron immediately loved the idea as one that would be perfect for his living room. He knew just where to locate each piece in the room. He could imagine his guests finding one sculpture and then discovering the second and making the humourous connection.

So I created the second fellow, and I’ve illustrated the two close together in the photo above. Both are in the vein of my “Rubenesque” figures, wherein I create a generously proportioned body in an unlikely situation designed to illicit a smile and a chuckle.

When I presented the pair, my collector was very pleased and he has enjoyed many moments watching guests to his home encounter the art works.

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  • sandi kalmar

    March 1, 2013

    i think they are brilliant. what an interesting idea, and what joy they must bring to the owner and all that make the disovery in his home…….you are brilliant.


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