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Michael Binkley Carves Optical Illusion Sculpture

michael binkley octopus marble sculptureInspired by the optical illusion of the picture of the two faces or a vase (above left), I created the sculpture which I titled “Octavia” (above right). I used a piece of Belgian marble, which is deep black in colour and has a fine, almost invisible grain.

Is it a sculpture of an octopus? Can you see the head and mantle on the left with the siphon curving down and four of its eight arms curling to the right? Looking at the sculpture this way, it seems like the octopus is lazily creeping along the sea bottom, its arms reaching out to the right and then pulling itself foreward. One has to imagine the octopus’s eyes on the top of the head, just at the base of the arms.

Or is it a woman’s head? Can you see her face looking to the left, her bangs sweeping off her face and down over her ears, with her long tresses waving and curling to the right in a breeze? This way, one can see her chin and jawline, but one has to imagine the features of the woman’s face.

Either way, I think the title is appropriate for the illusion of both subjects – the woman and the eight armed sea creature.

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  • Sylvia Binkley

    March 27, 2012

    Mike, It’s absolutely beautiful!!!!!Where do you get your ideas? You are definitely in tune with the Divine—how else?

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