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Michael Binkley Launches New Website Design

michael binkley sculptor in stone vancouver canada fine art sculpture

After many months of work, I’ve finally launched my new website design. This has been the most labour intensive website design ever and the fifth incarnation of my virtual presence. The graphic design and layout were created by my beautiful and very talented digital producer wife, Michelle Binkley and the WordPress templates were created by Jaden Nyberg.

I first appeared on the Internet in 1998, after learning how to code in HTML. Since then, the Internet has become a hugely complex animal and by 2005, it became obvious that I should stick to stone sculpture and leave coding to the professionals.

Now Michelle is the leading mind in the virtual world in our household. Her expertise has dictated the nuances of this new design and we both hope it will prove to be a much more enjoyable experience for virtual visitors. A notable change is that my blog is an integral part of my website, instead of the old, stand alone one.

For those of you unfamiliar with contemporary navigation tools, the little three bar icon in the upper right of this page is my navigation bar. Click it to reveal the website links.

I hope you enjoy exploring my new website…

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