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Michael Binkley Participating in the 2012 North Shore Art Crawl

North Shore Art Crawl 2012

We will be participating in the second annual North Shore Art Crawl which is coming up in two weekend’s time.

We’ve shaken off the wooly blanket of winter, done a shake-down of the garden and I’ve created some new sculptures for the gallery. We will be open on Saturday and Sunday, April 21 and 22, 2012 from 11am to 5pm.

The North Shore Art Crawl is organized by Norm Vipond and Sandrine Pelissier, both North Vancouver visual artists. Taking the cue from the enormously successful annual East Vancouver Culture Crawl, Norm and Sandrine wanted to emulate the event on the North Shore. Last year’s NS Art Crawl was a resounding success, so they’ve organized it again this year. It is a chance for the public to get a taste of the wide range of artistic talent that pervades in North and West Vancouver by visiting the studios and galleries where we artists create our work. Last year, we had visitors to our gallery from all over the Lower Mainland, and we’re looking forward to seeing a good turn out this year, too!

There will be 200 artists participating at 50 locations across the North Shore. You can pick up a brochure at any North Shore Delany’s Coffee location, the Cityscape Gallery or Parkgate Community Centre. Plan a route and get to know some of the “Shore’s” art community.

We look forward to seeing you here at our gallery.