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Michael Binkley’s Valentine for Michelle Binkley

In 2010, I celebrated my 30th anniversary Studio Show exhibition, and to mark the occasion, Michelle suggested that I re-introduce my two dimensional work to the mix. I decided to do only small scale, framed pen & ink and charcoal drawings of nudes and they were well received by the visitors to the gallery.

One of these drawings in particular caught Michelle’s attention, and she longed to have it executed as a large painting. So that’s what I did for her for Valentine’s Day this year. I thought it would be interesting if I recorded the progression of the painting from start to finish. I photographed the painting every few hours while I was working on it, and combined the photos to make a time lapse movie:

The tone of some of the stages are off, as the light in the studio changed from day to evening, but it gives a good sense of how I worked the canvas and developed the painting from conté sketch to final version.

The painting is called “Hold”, acryilc on canvas and is 48” x 60”.

Comments: 2

  • Sandra Hill-McCowan

    February 14, 2012

    THAT is so moving my heart is lying on the floor and I can not see the screen through the tears in my eyes.
    Happy Valentines Day to the couple of the year!
    All the best,

  • Terry Peters

    February 15, 2012

    very cool. What a great idea to show the creation of a beautiful piece of art.

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