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New Binkley Bird on ArtBomb


To start the month of June, I will have another of my small bird sculptures on ArtBomb.

This bird sculpture is carved from aphrodite marble which is quarried in Alaska, USA. This sculpture composition has the bird’s head down and tail up, though a little hard to discern from looking down from above in Lori Bagneres’ lovely photo shown here. Aphrodite marble gets its name for the fossilized clam shell fragments that are evident in the stone and the occasional pink blush in the stone’s background colour. The pink and the clam shells harken to the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite who was born from the ocean spray and carried to shore on a clam shell. Like most of my bird sculptures, this one will turn freely on a flat surface, giving it a kinetic quality. The gentle flowing lines and surfaces are wonderful to hold and carry the viewer’s eye all around the sculpture.

It is 7″H x 5″W x 4″D

The starting bid will be $250.00, so if you want to place your winning bid, click here.