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New Corporate Presentation Gift Sculptures

michael binkley stone sculpture sculptor vancouver canada

I was commissioned to carve two retirement gift sculptures for personnel at the Maine, USA subsidiary plant of a local Vancouver paper company.

The soaring eagle sculpture went to the retiring plant general manager and the subject was chosen as often in the summer, an eagle would land in the tree outside his office window. I carved the sculpture from rainforest marble, a variety of marble that is found on the west coast of Vancouver Island. This multi-hued stone has been a favourite for my wildlife sculptures over the years and I polished the beak, body and wings, then slightly roughed the stone on its head and tail to emulate a bald eagle. I mounted on a tall glass base to give the illusion of the bird in flight.

The humpback whale was chosen simply because the client loved the”Majestic Humpback” on my website. The budget allowed for a smaller whale which I carved in limestone that is quarried in Indiana, USA. This stone has been used extensively for architectural purposes for decades, but is also serves well for sculpture. Again, I mounted the piece on a glass base, this time to emulate water.

Each sculpture is free to turn on a pin that attaches the sculpture to its glass base. This gives the viewer the freedom to see each sculpture from any angle by simply turning the piece with a fingertip.

Each is a small scale. The eagle’s wingspan and whale’s length are each 9 inches. This scale of original fine art is a perfect solution for a unique corporate presentation gift.

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