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Place Art in the Bathroom – Yes, You Can!

powder room displaying sculpture and paintings

A collector came by the other day to pick up a piece he had recently purchased at our Studio Show. It was a 12″ square charcoal of a nude with her back turned toward the viewer – strong lines and contrast. He asked for my suggestion of where to hang it.

I mentioned the bathroom or the hallway, anywhere there was a smaller wall space so the drawing wouldn’t get “lost” on a big expanse of wall. He questioned my suggestion of the bathroom, so I gave more thought to why we always have art in the bathrooms, and here’s what I came up with.

Art in a powder room is great to show off to your guests. If you entertain formally or casually, your guests will more than likely use the powder room at some point during their visit. The back of the toilet can be a perfect platform to display 3D pieces, as well as the wall area.

In ensuites or 4piece+ bathrooms, you need to be aware that steam and moisture can be determining factors for what type of art you display. Water colour paintings without glass may not be the best choice, and think about what kind of ventilation there is to let the moisture escape.

However, stone sculpture is not affected by the moisture in a bathroom, making it a great way to enhance the beauty of this essential room in the house.

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