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Peregrine Falcon

  • created 2006
  • fox island granite & stainless steel
  • 56”H x 22”W x 18”D (142cmH x 56cmW x 46cmD)
  • private collection, Saturna Island, BC, Canada

Sculptor Michael Binkley secured a commission for a peregrine falcon and he carved this original fine art sculpture for the pool deck of a patron’s vacation home on Saturna Island, BC, Canada. The last photo shows the finished sculpture in situs.

Binkley sculpted the peregrine falcon from a variety of granite that was quarried on Fox Island, BC, Canada. This light grey coloured granite has a fine grain structure which allowed the artist to include the fine details of the bird’s unique facial feather markings. On a real falcon, the bird’s feathers are different colours, but Binkley achieved the same effect with the use of shadow lines.

Binkley began the process by proposing several poses for the peregrine falcon sculpture and the patron chose this composition. Binkley made certain that no delicate features of the bird were in danger of being broken off, so he left a thick column under the peregrine falcon to give the sculpture the illusion of high flight and joined this to the bird’s body and wings with elegantly sweeping webbing supports.  The raptor is banking in flight and the web supports appear to be vapour trails emanating from the wings. The sculptor used a bush hammer texture on the column to contrast with the smooth surfaces of the bird’s body and wings. Binkley did not polish the peregrine falcon, but left the surfaces with a matte finish. This gives the granite the ability to successfully hold shadow.

Binkley designed a simple circular stainless steel base as a secure transition between bolts in the granite the tree stump to which the sculpture is secured.